Grand Slam Pool Service – Terms of Operation

The Parties agree that the Customer has agreed with Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance to perform pool and/or spa maintenance at the address specified. The Parties agree that this is a monthly Service Contract and Customer agrees to pay Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance monthly in advance of the services to be provided that month. The Parties agree that in the event Customer fails to pay in advance of service being provided as required by this Agreement, the contract may be terminated.

1) The Customer agrees to pay a monthly pool service fee inclusive of tax in advance each month for the service. The Parties agree that circumstances can arise that affect or prevent Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance from performing pool and/or spa maintenance such as the weather, an illness, or a holiday. In such event, Grand Slam Cleaner and Maintenance may elect to postpone pool and spa service to the next day. Pools and spas are not serviced on national holidays and shall be rescheduled. If invoices are not remitted within 60 days, a late fee may apply.

In the event of inclement weather on the scheduled date of service, the pool and spa will be cleaned to the extent weather permits and only chemicals will be added.

2) Access:

By agreeing to this contract, you allow Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance to be present on the property where your Pool/Spa is located for any allocated time necessary to complete the tasks required for the maintenance of said Pool and Spa.

The Customer must ensure Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance has access to the service area on the scheduled service day, including: gate entry codes, lock combinations, security guard verification, and pets relocated from pool/spa area. If Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance is unable to access the service area for any reason, services will not be performed that week and the Customer shall not be entitled to a credit. An attempt at contact will be made at the property or by phone for access prior to leaving the job.

3) Services:

Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance shall provide the following services each week:
– Pool surface skimmed as needed
– Skimmer basket cleaned
– Pool equipment operation inspected
– Pool walls, floor, and tile to be brushed as needed
– Water tested and balanced. Chemicals or salt added

Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance shall provide the following services each month:

– Pool vacuumed
– Filter cleaned

All chemicals used during standard weekly service are included in the monthly service fee.  Your pool maintenance is performed on a weekly basis only. Since every Pool and Spa is unique, we cannot provide specific times of cleanings.

If problems arise that interfere with your pool and spa maintenance between visits or you notice a problem, please contact us at 239 315 4161 / 239 339 7721 or as soon as possible.

Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance is not responsible for any grass, leaves, rocks, wind, or weather conditions that may cause debris in the pool and spa after we have serviced it (and between weekly service visits).  Additional services are available but may be charged for. These include, but are not restricted to:

– storm cleanup

– green pool cleanup

– additional vacuuming pool (eg: after deck cleaning or landscaping work)

– phosphate treatment

– black algae treatment

– timer changes

The Customer is responsible for water levels during the week unless they request Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance to add water using a hose and timer (supplied by the Customer). We cannot top up the pool without a timer and hose at the property. The Customer must also sign a waiver or given written permission if this is required. Hose timer failures can occur on rare occasions, any excess water caused due to such failures is not the responsibility of Grand Slam. Recommended water level is MID-TILE at the waterline.

Grand Slam Cleaning & Maintenance will not turn on the main water feed to the property at any time unless specifically told to do so. If instructed to do so not liability is held for any water damage that may occur inside the property.

Should the water level fall to a level that it is believed could cause equipment damage Grand Slam staff will aim to either switch off the skimmer suction line to the equipment or in certain circumstances switch off the equipment until the situation is rectified.

  1. Repairs and Installations:

Repairs are not included in the monthly service fee.  There is a standard callout fee of $85 for the repair technician to investigate an equipment issue.  The purchase and installation of new pool and spa equipment (to be supplied and installed by Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance) will be agreed by the Customer in writing (via email or acceptance of estimate). Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance agree to provide the customer with warranty information about the equipment supplied by them to the Customer.

  1. Disclaimer:

Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance shall not be responsible for any damage to property due to acts of nature, fire, vandalism, misuse, or abuse. Customer should be aware of normal deterioration of equipment that occurs over time due to exposure to chemicals, sunlight, animals, rainwater and, in some cases, other corrosive materials (such as salt). The Customer is responsible for maintaining the correct water level at all times. Also, Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance is not responsible for any damages or deterioration caused by failure of a Customer to perform other services recommended by Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance, or by failure of Customer to properly maintain pool and equipment between visits.

  1. Termination:

The Parties agree that this is a monthly service agreement that continues from month to month until terminated. The agreement may be terminated by either Party. However, the Parties further agree that the Customer shall give Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance thirty (30) days advance written notice of Customer’s termination of this Pool Service Agreement. Such written notice may be delivered in writing or by email.

  1. Payments:Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance accepts 3 forms of payments

1) Credit or Debit Card set up on Autopay (stored securely in Quickbooks)

2) Online payments via Quickbooks invoice sent to Customer email address provided

3) Check

If payment is not received, or the card on file does not cover payment of the monthly service fee, the Customer shall be in default of this agreement. In the event of default, Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance reserves the right to postpone or terminate cleaning services.

Estimates for repairs or installations that total more than $400 are subject to a 50% payment to Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance in advance of the work(s) being carried out. The remaining 50% payment is to be paid by the Customer upon completion of the said work(s). A valid credit or debit card must also be kept on file if such larger repairs or installations are ordered.