With 2017 upon us, many people in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sarasota, and Naples area are making their New Year’s resolutions, purposing to be healthier, become more fit, manage time better, or quit bad habits. While all the humans in the area are busy making these resolutions and making plans for how they’ll keep them, we wondered what resolutions all the pools would make if they could do such a thing. So here’s a tongue-in-cheek glimpse of what all the pools are thinking as we ring in the New Year.

Pool Resolution 1: I will have better hygiene this year

Last year, I sometimes lapsed on my personal hygiene. My water got a little green a time or two and my walls got a bit slimy here and there. People were overall pretty polite to me, but I can tell when they’re being standoffish, and a few times I felt downright judged. But it makes sense. My humans always take daily showers, and I should be consistent, too. This year, I resolve not to go out in public with anything less than my best appearance. Problem is, I might need a personal trainer to help me to keep this resolution. I know! I think the pool guys at Grand Slam Pools should come and help me out once a week. That would be a sure path for my success.

Pool Resolution 2: I will be more energy efficient this year

I know that we all have a part to play in keeping energy consumption down, and I think this is the year that I should step up and play my part in this noble cause. I know my humans would love to save on their electric bills, too. But how can I do this? I know! If I could only get one of those amazing new pool pumps that save so much energy, I know I would be able to do my part. I think I’ll have to put this on my list. Yes, a Pentair IntelliFlo pump would be just the thing. Hopefully my humans will get me one.

Pool Resolution 3: I will be more fun to be around than ever

This year, I have the ambition to break all the records for being the funnest pool in the neighborhood. I will make every effort to make every kid’s day, let all my splashes be extra sparkly, infuse my cool water with extra-refreshing relaxation, and ensure that I’m a lovely place to relax, sunbathe, and have a meaningful conversation. Maybe if I get good enough, I could compete in the pool Olympics for which pool in Florida is the world record holder for delivering an amazing experience to my owners.

Why not help your pool to deliver on its good-hearted resolutions this year? The pool cleaning services at Grand Slam Pools are top notch, as every one of our pool technicians is interested in delivering superior quality in the service you receive. Finding people who prize integrity above profit is rare, but that’s what you get when you choose Grand Slam Pools. Choose one of our pool cleaning packages today, and enjoy a sparkling clean pool.

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