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  1. 5 things you never knew about a salt pool

    5 things you never knew about a salt pool       A salt pool is one of the most desirable things for a homeowner. And in some cases can drive up the price of a house a few thousand dollars. But what makes them so desirable? is it the fact that the salt makes you feel like your at a tropical island, maybe that you can open your eyes under water without the chlorine burning a hole through your fa…Read More


    Why Is My Pool Green?      Theres Nothing like getting ready to go cool off in your very pleasant and satisfying Blue lagoon pool, only to find that some form of sabotage must have taken place because your beautiful lagoon has turned into an algae infested pond. Now you have green pool water. It seems like especially here in florida this is a all to common occurrence. But how is it happening, …Read More

  3. Should I use Chlorine Tabs

    Should I use Chlorine Tabs FEBRUARY 21, 2015 BY GRAND SLAM POOLSLEAVE A COMMENT Should I Use Chlorine Tabs? Well its actually an extremely simple answer, should you use Chorine tabs??? Yes …..and NO. Okay well I guess its not really that simple but I promise it is a fairly simple explanation. You’ll be a chlorine tab expert in about 3 min and 28 seconds. Hockey pucks, tabs, chlorine blocks, t…Read More


    I think i have had my pool filter for a while now but I’m not sure how to tell when I should get a new one?  What is a purpose of a filter? The primary purpose of a filter is to collect contaminants that try to make their way into your pool such as dust, leaves, pollen, algae, bacteria. A filter plays a very vital role in keeping your pool clean, and your pool equipment functioning properly. M…Read More

  5. Why is Yellow Algae In my Pool ??

    Mustard algae, yellow algae, that yellow stuff in the corner of my pool. No matter What you call it, its ugly and definitely something you don’t want on display in your pool. So how did it get there and how do I fix it?   What is Yellow Algae   Well all algae may not be created equal but in general Algae is a living organism that utilizes photosynthesis to grow, thats why we see it so prevale…Read More


    From Green to Clean You’ve been living for the weekend, you have friends coming over later , to just escape life for a moment and enjoy the coolness in this florida heat , ONLY TO FIND the pool is as green as your neighbors fake lawn. It may not be as bad as it looks How did the Algae get in my pool in the first place? Algae is a one-celled plant that is the big scary monster pool owners are fr…Read More

  7. How to Choose the Right Pool Heater

    After all the summer projects and if your lucky vacations, you finally start to find the time to enjoy the pool. After all the pool is probably why you chose the house. But when you put your foot in the pool you realize somehow this magic water is 78 degrees in Floridas humid 94 degree weather. Come on you were at least expecting 82 degrees. Instead of waiting till Spring you decide its finally t…Read More

  8. Choosing the Right Pool Cleaner: The Secret to a Blue Clean Pool

    You are looking forward to that weekend where you and your friends or family are going to plunge into the blue refreshing waters of your pool. But is your pool clean and blue, or green because your filter broke down? Here is how to go about choosing the right pool cleaner. Making the right choice will eventually enable you to cut costs in maintaining your pool. Owning a pool is the ultimate statem…Read More

  9. How your DE Filter Works

    DE filters are wonderful. They have the capability to filter about 3 microns. You do not need to buy any cartridges for them. If your pool is always kept clean, they require little maintenance and back flushing. Well, maintained pools will require reloading of DE or the fiber clear once every month. Cleaning can also be done once in a year if your pool is kept immaculate. The entire filter assembl…Read More

  10. Can You Use a Swimming Pool Cleaner with a Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

    Sometimes we do not know how things work, so we do not understand how those things interact with each other. In this case, perhaps you do not know how a swimming pool heat pump works, and you do not know how a swimming pool cleaner works, so you do not know can you use a swimming pool cleaner with a swimming pool heat pump. Hopefully, by explaining the process behind the functions of both, you wi…Read More

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